My decal service is offered to those who are looking for hard to find replacement decals for their engine or vehicle. I can copy and reproduce from photographs providing I have accurate measurements or relative scaling. Please contact me on the address below for any enquiries.

There are so many variants of Wheel Horse that I cannot cover every model on the site nor hold stock, there is a 90% likelihood given the size of my artwork collection that I will be able to put your order together without any input required from you.

I hold artworks/logos for hundreds of models of agricultural, plant and horticultural and can do custom graphics or one off stickers to replace or tidy up your equipment.


Upon confirming the products you require and confirming the proof artworks I will order the decals. Please note I will order when there is a sufficient order quantity or value and give approximate delivery times.

This is not my primary job and I work away from home and travel on business, so orders will always take 2-4 weeks for turnaround and delivery. I will always respond to enquiries and keep customers informed on approximate delivery schedules.


I am using the highest quality 7 year vinyls with solvent inks. These are then laminated and cut to shape. I always inspect my orders and will not send any decals that are substandard. In any event you do receive decals you are not happy with, please contact me and I will send replacements where appropriate.


Prices are purely indicative, please mail for detailed quotations, depending on your order size I will offer discounts and free postage.

Wheelhorse complete decal set - i.e. C-101, Raider 10      48

Westwood Gazelle                                                                      48

Westwood Early T series                                                           60

Kohler engine set - model, type and serial number             16.00

Kohler engine decals - Alternator and Air Filter                     9

Briggs and Stratton Engine HP                                                 9

Briggs and Stratton set - inc Air Cleaner decal                      13


Payment is via paypal or bank transfer, you can either pay directly or I can list the item on ebay - please note I will need to add listing and final fees to the costs.

Shipping and Delivery

This will take around 3-4 weeks, depending on the order size and my work commitments. I will always give indicative ship and delivery dates and keep you informed of any issues.

I ship worldwide, please indicate your shipping region when enquiring.



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