News updates


Sept 2022

Dealer decals seem to be going a little nuts at the moment!



Mar 2022

After 11 years we have shipped to over a thousand customers, Wheel Horse decals are still our number one seller, with Westwood a  close second.

We keep getting asked to do old dealer decals - here are a few recent examples.



Jan 2021

We are now supplying complete decal sets for International Harvester 55 and 56 series tractors.

May 2020

Updated Westwood sets, we now have a comprehensive collection of decals for all models.

Mk1 Paleface Gazelle through to Mk4 Blackface. W6 through to W16. 28" to 42" deck.

T Series - S600, T1100, D1200, T1600 - Mk1 to Mk3


Jan 2019

Updated our Westwood decal sets - I don't think you will find any better replacements than ours!

Jul 2018

Extremely proud to have been involved in the graphics for this awesome Wheel Horse loader


Jun 2018

My sons RJ58 restore was completed

Jan 2017

Lots has happened over the last couple of years, proud to have supplied decals for this mad creation by ukwheelhorsebloke



This restoration by my son

and this crazy 6x6 creation from James Whittaker

March 2015

Come follow the progress of some of our customers and see the latest updates on our facebook page.


Jan 2015

4 years on and we've sold hundreds of sets of decals, primarily Wheel Horse - now Westwoods seem to be making a restoration comeback!

It's where we started almost 5 years ago with my sons W11.

Glad to be of service for so many people!


Dec 2014

Still amazed by the sheer number of variants of Westwood that there are!  Another few customers have helped grow the collection.

Great to know many are being restored, I know have fairly complete sets from Gazelle 8 thru to W16 and T1200

Sept 2014

Helped with a minor restoration of a Kubota B1200

July 2014

Did work with a customer on a Toro RER - a new set added!

June 2014

3rd UK Wheel Horse round up at Newby Hall, Ripon, we showed 6 of the 36 horses on show!

May 2014

Added Mountfield 7 to the set

April 2014

Added Bolens G14, Westwood T1200 and T1400

I have now shipped to over three hundred customers - Breakdown is as follows:-

Wheel Horse  178, Kohler  45, Briggs 18, Westwood  11, Misc 51

Top 5 Wheel Horse




Commando 8

Raider 12


March 2014

Work with a customer on a Devilbiss restoration

January 2014

Added Toro Wheel Horse 227-5

July 2013

Second UK Wheel Horse roundup at Ardingly in Sussex, we made the journey south again!

June 2013

Early Lawn Ranger added, Westwood W8 Gazelle and new dealer decals.


April 2013

Added correct links to implement decals and cutter deck.

In the process of drawing and adding 300 series decals - these are complex, many of them and some odd shapes...


January 2013

Updated site with clearer graphics - basically it works well on mobile devices, ipad, smartphone, etc. Enhanced gallery with more customer photos and restorations.

Added link to sister site, this site has been active for over a year now, but now is fully live. The perfect start point for the Wheel Horse story in Europe.


December 2012

Added Commando 7 - a set I had on file, but oddly had two orders in one week!


September 2012

I have now shipped to over a hundred customers - many of them several times. Breakdown is as follows:-

Wheel Horse  82, Kohler  23, Briggs 11, Westwood  4, Misc 13

Top 5 Wheel Horse


Raider 12


Commando 8



July 2012

First UK round up at Ardingly in Sussex, we were proud to be part of 6 of the 23 horses on show!


June 2012

D series added after extensive work with a customer - thanks Andy !


June 2011

Added fully complement of C series decals and early 704 model


January 2011

Site created and launched after I had already printed 5 sets of decals for friends and family

July 2010

Research on Wheel Horse models in the UK started




2013 Arpeggi8 designs